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Turntable Mixing Is My Passion Now

I`ve turned a new leaf as they say. I used to know back in the day that I wanted to be some sort of DJ or something, but never had a chance to get really into it. Well recently, I bought myself a turntable after reading on the best ones and it’s been love ever since. I bought a dj controller with my Pro0Ject Debut Carbon DC and I`m having a blast mixing guys.

Just letting ya`ll know what I am up to and everything, because I know I have not been updating perf10 for a while now. Aside from that, I just wanna say that if you are trying to get into the DJ game, do yourself a favor and grab a good turntable. If you go cheap, you will be disappointed almost immediately. You will obviously need to get a preamp with it, and a good receiver to amplify those signals.

I use my Bose speakers in conjunction with the preamp and the Marantz amplifier, and I am seeing incredible results. If any of you need any help setting yourself up, just holler at me and I`ll help you guys out.

What’s Next To Come In My Mixing Career ( If I can call it that? )

Well guys, I am going to be practicing hard now and dedicating all my free time to mixing. Hopefully in a couple of years you guys see me out there and I will be sure to shout some of you out, you know who you are. We have had some great discussions here, and I hope that we can make it worth in the future.
I will update you guys here and there, but keep in mind I am pretty busy with all this now so don’t expect frequent updates. Anyway guys, take care and hopefully the next time you hear from me I will be getting somewhere with this. Follow your dreams yall!


Good Job – “Fake Camera” EP


Moscow’s Hyperboloid Records has a new ish for us. The fresh release entitled “Fake Camera” is given away. The perpetrator of this bassy, glitchy, danceable fake camera is a group called Good Job. Let me qoute Hyperboloid: “These new guys called Good Job want to stay anonymous, but I can say that they are pretty big musicians that you might know of”. Well, believe it or not, but this EP is a real kick.

Good Job – I Wasss

Good Job – Whyyy (Coco Bryce Rewerk)

Good Job – Whyyy (320kbps Download)


Lakritze – Adama EP

Robox Neotech is a hyperactive label, I mean…:

“….no break on the Robox Spaceship!
This time we give you LAKRITZE, a berlin based producing Cyborg who loves
every kind of SciencefuckingFiction. bzzzzzzp____
His Mission: “Show the Cylons what Headbangin is”
This ADAMA Single is dedicated to the old man, Captain William Adama.
Lighten up a little bit. Its only the end of the world.
The 4 Tracked Single includes Remixes by Doshy, Hovatron and Lakritze himself.
The final annihilation of the lifeform known as Man. Let the attack begin.”

That’s what I received with the promo email,  so I can definitely say that these dudes over Robox are crayyzieee cyborgs! Need I say more? Well, the “Adama” EP is set to release onSeptember 16th and will be available HERE.

Lakritze – Adama

The Game – Westside Story – (Lakritze Remix) (320kbps Download)

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▲▲▮✖ №14 ’78bpm Madness’ by Paul Pre

This time we’re back with our 14th instalment entitled “78bpm Madness” by German mixtape beast, well known DJ in the beats scene – Paul Pre. The guy is crayyzie as hell, already released 25 mixtapes and now Perf10 presents the 26th! More than that, he’s also a member of these projects: VAST, ArtAtAll, Boogie Terror.

The title of the mix prompts you that’s it’s gonna be slowly, but don’t get twisted – the mixtape is made for some serious head nodin and ass shakin! Paul picks tunes very wisely, so the mixtape sounds especially smooth and flawless! It’s definitely the one that shouldn’t be missed. Enjoy!

Listen on Mixcloud!

01. Shlohmo – Spoons
02. Lil Wayne – I feel like dying (Flying Lotuns remix)
03. Dizz1 – Frazzled
04. Tiago – Babel Fish
05. Hudson Mohawke – ZooOooOoom
06. Robot Koch – Vortex Cookies (fLako remix)
07. Lazersword – Gucci Sweatshirt
08. Machine Drum – Saktak
09. Low Limit – Trapperkeeper
10. Salva – Wake Ups

Next mix on: September 23rd

Fly Russia


Fly Russia” is a compilation album produced by Russian beatmakers, such as DZA, Lapti,OL, Pixelord, Demokracy and others! Seventeen tracks made by diferent beatmakers, but that dusty Russian atmospheric vibe feels quite well on the most of  the tracks. So if you dig Russian beats, you will definitely be pleased by this great comp.! It’s set to release onSeptember 13th via Error-Broadcast x Gimme5 as FREE DOWNLOAD. Overall, it’s a big release, so go set a reminder on Sept. 13, just in case you might forget! Below you will find one of my favorite tracks of the compilation and a free tune brought to you by Gimme5.

Lapti – Circadian Rhythms

Myown – Suromna (320kbps Download)


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▲▲▮✖ №12 ‘Let Me In!’ by Onelight


Onelight is creator of the nice french webzine Stereotree (with Rip Laimbeer) and DJ for the label Musique Large. With an incredible passion for Detroit music (from Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop to Techno) and all this new and innovative Abstract Hip Hop movement (for more than 5 years now), he’s always searching for new things.

Words by Onelight:
Let Me In!” is my attempt to a modern and funky housy mix, my own vision of what a Dancefloor should be sometimes, from 105 to 130 bpm. Sweet and sexy.
I choose some stricly funky tracks like the SV one or some more indie inspired by Detroit Techno like Addison Groove, with 80′s and 90′s influences at the same time.
It also contains various productions from some of my favorites producers like my friend Robin Hannibal (Boom Clap Bachelors, Quadron etc.), the great Jimmy Edgar and his brother of sound Machinedrum, the supa Morgan Geist’s duet Metro Area, the too unknown Ruckazoid or the powerfull Hudson Mohawke.

DOWNLOAD (direct link, right-click, save-as)

01. Slum Village Feat AB – Dance (Barak Records)
02.Jimmy Edgar – Bthere (Glass Table)
03.Robin Hannibal & Julian Gomes – Need Your Love (Unreleased)
04.Osborne – Wait A Minute (Extended Mix) (Ghostly)
05.Ruckazoid & The Humans feat Jesse Boykins – Way Above (Listen Compute)
06.Metro Area – Soft Hoop (Environ)
07.XV – ADD (Machinedrum Remix) (Unreleased)
08.Peter Hadar – Full Time Lover (Single)
09.Addison Groove – Footcrab (Swamp 81)
10.Uffie Feat Pharrell – SUV ADD (Hudson Mohawke Remix) (Ed Banger)

Next mix on: September 3rd

Comfort Fit – Private Primate

Error Broadcast is back with another great digital EP and 7″ vinyl, this time it’s Comfort Fit‘s “Private Primate” with some crayyziee remixes from Shlohmo, Mr. Dibiase, DZA, Kenlo Craqnuques and Saine. 7″ is limited to 300 copies Worldwide, it features “Cable Vamp” and “Sky Raper” remix by Shlohmo on the flip! It’s so damn hard to pick just a few favorites, every track has something interesting that you really don’t want to skip it in the middle! Definitely it’s a strong and hi-quality release! Stream the whole EP and PRE-ORDER here, it drops on 27th this month! Also, grab Comfort Fit – “Cable Vamp” 320kbps MP3 below, thanks to XLR8R for this one!

Comfort Fit – Tinitus: See on Itunes.

Comfort Fit – Sky Raper (Shlohmo Remix): See on TuneIn Radio

Comfort Fit – Cable Vamp
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▲▲▮✖ №5 ‘Pervaya Rechka’ by DZA

Those ten days passed so fast and I’m back with a new treat! The mix entitled ‘Pervaya Rechka‘ from RBMA2010 participant DZA is now served for your filthy ears! Highly acclaimed producer from Moscow made a very special mix for Perf10, the mix only contains unreleased and demo stuff by himself and his Russian fellows except for one track! Unfortunately there’s no tracklist this time, but I can provide artist names featured on the mix: DZA, Miracle Libido, Lapti, Ol, Mujuice, Ichiro_ & FantastikClick. I forgot to mention that he’s also Error Broadcast artist  and a member of How2make crew from Russia. By the way, I posted about his FREE beat tape earlier, so if you missed that use the “Check it & Grab it” function! Kind words to DZA for this one!

14Perf10 / ▲▲▮✖ №5 ‘Pervaya Rechka’ by DZA by PerF10

DOWNLOAD (254kbps VBR)

Recorded with:
Boss SP 303 + Software

Next mix on:  June 25th

Exclusive preview: DZA – Five Finger Discount

Officially the beat tape is gonna come out Monday 31st this month via Error Broadcast, but I had a chance to listen the whole Five Finger Discount beat tape by one of RBMAparticipant DZA. And now I’ll let you know some secrets about it! The beat tape contains 16 beats +1 bonus with Hermutt Lobby! It’s kinda glitchy and destructive, rough and aggressive, but in the same time everything is in the right place. Check out my few favorites of the release!

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